Indigestion Relief (Meridian Point): 5穴位快速缓解胀气,消化不良

Indigestion Relief: 5 meridia points to relieve indigestion 

Reunion with friends and family, it is always inevitable to eat and drink, but eating too much can easily cause indigestion and stomach pains. In addition to chewing and swallowing slowly, if indigestion really causes stomach discomfort, Following are 5 acupuncture points to relief indigestion and discomfort! 


与朋友家人团聚,总免不了大吃大喝一番,但不小心吃太多就容易引起胃涨、肚子痛 除了要细嚼慢咽外,若万一真的消化不良造成肚子不舒服,也可以按5个穴道,帮助肠胃消化、消胀气 ! 消化不良可以按压:

位置 : 外膝眼下四横指、胫骨边缘
按压 : 压6秒钟将手离开一次,重复10次
功效 : 治消化不良、胃炎、腹,可促进胃酸分泌还能止疼

【内关穴】 位置:手腕横格纹以上约2寸处
功效:宽胸利膈、打开消化道 胃胀气可以按压

【中脘穴】 取穴:肚脐正上方4指幅处

【水分穴】 取穴:肚脐正上方1指幅处

【关元穴】 取穴:肚脐正下方4指幅处

【Zhusanli Point】 Four transverse fingers under eyes of outer knee, edge of tibia
Press: Press for 6 seconds to remove the hand once, repeat 10 times
Efficacy: Relief indigestion, gastritis, abdomen, promote gastric acid secretion and relieve pain

【Neiguan Point】 about 2 inches above the wrist horizontal grid
Press: Use the thumb of the other hand to press hard 20-30 times, and massage for 1 minute
Efficacy: wide chest and diaphragm, stop hiccups, opening up the digestive tract

【Zhongwan Point】 4 fingers directly above the belly button
Press: Press with your index finger for about 2~3 minutes
Efficacy: Regulate the function of the digestive system, eliminate gastric bulge and flatulence, harmonize the stomach

【Shui Fen Point】1 finger just above the belly button
Press: Press with your index finger for about 2~3 minutes
Efficacy: relieve stomach pain, clean up the small intestine, distinguish turbidity, reduce swelling

【Guanyuan Point】4 fingers directly below the belly button
Press: Press with your thumb for about 2~3 minutes
Efficacy: Promote intestinal peristalsis, improve small intestine function, accelerate the metabolism of abdominal fat, also relieve menstrual pain, relax body temperature, invigorate kidney qi, and promote qi

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