Learner Code Of Conduct

SOQ International Academy Learner Code of Conduct

Punctuality and Attendance

SOQ International Academy expects all learners to be punctual for lessons. Attendance will be taken twice a day – once in the morning and another in the afternoon for day classes and once for evening classes.

Learners are strongly encouraged to attend all classes for each module. For leave of absence such as due to illness or compassionate grounds, learners are to submit the supporting document(s) to SOQ International Academy. Absence without official reason may result in withdrawal of course fee funding and eligibility to proceed with assessment.

Learners are also expected to submit module assignments by the set deadline. Late submission will not be accepted.

Dress Code

As aspiring or incumbent specialist, SOQ International expects all learners to uphold the professional image befitting of an educator by dressing appropriately when they attend classes. Smart casual workplace attire is expected. No sports or bermuda shorts, slippers and flip-flops are allowed.

Disruptive Behaviour

At SOQ International Academy, we are committed to create a positive learning environment that encourages active learning. All learners are expected to participate actively and constructively in class and adhere to assignment submission deadlines.

In the event that a learner becomes disruptive in a class and would not heed the advice of the facilitator, SOQ International Academy would take disciplinary action against the learner. Examples of disruptive behaviour include the following:

  • Being uncooperative and/or interrupts the facilitator, fellow learners unnecessarily or repeatedly monopolising classroom activities;
  • Constantly making inappropriate comments e.g. about the institution, the facilitator, fellow learners or the learning topic at hand;
  • Using abusive and offensive language, making physical or verbal threats directed at the facilitator, assessor, fellow learners or SOQ International Academy/s staff;
  • Imposing unreasonable demands on facilitator, assessor, fellow learners or SOQ International Academy’s staff;
  • Making loud and distracting noises, constantly using mobile phone in class; or
  • Exhibiting irrational behaviour.

If a learner displays persistent, disruptive behaviour which prevents the facilitator and fellow learners from engaging in a meaningful learning experience, disciplinary action could include removing the learner from the course without refund of course fees.

Academic Honesty and Professional Ethics

SOQ International is committed to upholding high standards of academic and professional integrity.

As a learner from SOQ International, you are expected to display high level of academic and professional integrity at all times and this includes:

  • Attending all classes and furnishing authentic documentary proof to substantiate absence from classes;
  • Completing assignments for assessment with integrity and honesty;
  • Exhibiting responsibility for proper citation and giving due acknowledgement to the original author;
  • Ensuring no falsification of work submitted for assessment; not consenting to other learners copying your work; and
  • Upholding integrity in all dealings with SOQ International Academy staff, Adult Educators and fellow learners.


Plagiarism is a practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own without giving appropriate acknowledgement. This includes material sourced from books, learner’s guide, course materials, the internet, journal, works and/or artifacts from other learners. Plagiarism includes:

  • Verbatim copying in part or whole without referencing to the source;
  • Paraphrasing other’s work without proper acknowledgement; and
  • Copying ideas, concepts, research statistics without referencing to the source.


Collusion means unauthorised collaboration with someone to produce work, in part or whole. The learner who willingly allows others to copy and the learner who submits the copied assignment are considered parties to the collusion. Collusion can occur with another SOQ International Academy learner or someone outside SOQ International Academy and includes:

  • Engaging others to produce or edit the work in part or whole;
  • Copying ideas of others without giving proper acknowledgement;
  • Allowing others to copy their work or sharing answers; and
  • Producing/completing work for another learner with/without payment.

Institutional Procedure

Where plagiarism or collusion is suspected, an Assessment Review Panel will be convened to examine the evidence for and against the act of plagiarism and/or collusion to determine the course of action. You may also be called upon to attend a meeting on the suspected plagiarism or collusion.

Penalties for plagiarism and collusion include:

  1. Issuing warning letter which will be filed in the learner’s record;
  2. Immediate awarding of ‘Not Yet Competent’ for the module;
  3. Depending on the severity of the cases, if assessment is completed, assessment result outcome could be downgraded (e.g. from ‘Competent with Merit’ to ‘Competent’) or ‘Competent’ grading could be rescinded;

(NB: The willing party who allows others to copy may have his/her result downgraded where applicable)

  1. Sitting for re-assessment and paying re-assessment fee;

(NB: Only 2 assessment attempts are allowed for each module. Learners who exceed 2 assessment attempts will be requested to pay the full, non-subsidised course fee to re-attend the whole module)

  1. Expulsion without refund of course fees; and
  2. Reporting the case of professional dishonesty to professional bodies, where applicable.

Other forms of misconduct

SOQ International reserves the right to report all other cases of alleged misconduct, for example, falsification of documents, bribery, fraud, harassment, assault, etc. to the relevant authorities for further investigation. In such events, SOQ International Academy also reserves the right to suspend and disallow the learner(s) from continuing with the course without refund of course fees to uphold integrity and educational quality.

Appeal against SOQ’s decision

Learner may appeal against SOQ International Academy ’s decision and upon review, SOQ International Academy ’s decision will be final.

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