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Boost Immunity 提升免疫力少生病!中医师推荐「3穴位」建议收藏!

Recently, the number of Covid-19 infection case has continued to rise. It is recommended that people avoid unnecessary travel, social gathering, and enter or leave hospitals. If it is a necessary to go high-risk areas, they should wear masks and wash their hands frequently to reduce the risk of infection. Besides, Improving your own immunity […]

Stiff Neck Pain Relief Meridian Point: 4个穴位缓解落枕疼痛不适

Stiff Neck Pain Relief Meridian Point: 4个穴位缓解落枕疼痛不适 When woke up, neck was tight and painful as if it was about to explode. The stiff neck was always unexpected and full of pain. Any movement triggered the pain mine, and movement was restricted everywhere. Massage these 4 acupoints to help blood circulation and relieve the discomfort […]

Indigestion Relief (Meridian Point): 5穴位快速缓解胀气,消化不良

Indigestion Relief: 5 meridia points to relieve indigestion  Reunion with friends and family, it is always inevitable to eat and drink, but eating too much can easily cause indigestion and stomach pains. In addition to chewing and swallowing slowly, if indigestion really causes stomach discomfort, Following are 5 acupuncture points to relief indigestion and discomfort!  5穴位快速缓解胀气,消化不良 […]

Meridian Chart: 十二经络养生时间表,依循作息养生事半功倍!

Meridian Chart

Meridian Chart for health and welless In the “Huang Di Nei Jing”, there is a “12 o’clock meridian regimen”. The 24 hours a day before and after is divided into 12 hours, and 12 o’clock corresponds to the 12 meridians of the human body, and these meridians have their main viscera. At different times, qi […]

Meridian Face: 面部拨筋滋养五脏,一次拨筋胜过十次美容!

Meridian Face: 拨筋护理: 一次拨筋胜过十次美容!  👉 English Version Meridian Face Care or Meridian Facial combines traditional TCM knowledge including 14 Meridian Channels and 19 Acupuncture point (Meridian Point)  to effectively treat the physical, hormonal and emotional imbalances that may be present in your skin’s conditions. This is 4 in 1 Health Care Face Meridian technique specialy target Face ,Eye ,Eye,Neck to treat various […]



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